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About Sylvan Lake, Alberta

The lakeside town of Sylvan Lake is a popular tourist destination in Alberta, known throughout the province for its 15 kilometre long freshwater lake, perfect for swimming, boating and other water activities. While Sylvan Lake is popular place to visit, the lake-lifestyle has a year-round appeal to many people who have chosen to make the town their permanent home. There are over 14,800 people living in Sylvan Lake and over 5,600 homes in the Sylvan Lake real estate market. Located only a fem minutes west of Red Deer on Highway 11, Sylvan Lake provides a pleasant, small town atmosphere with convenient access to nearby amenities.

Sylvan Lake is one of the fastest growing communities in Alberta, and while the residents are embracing success they are also dedicated to preserving the small town, friendly atmosphere that makes Sylvan Lake such an excellent place to live. The community is family oriented, home to a large number of young, active families that appreciate everything the lake lifestyle has to offer all year round. As a result, Sylvan Lake has an excellent school system and an increasing number of local amenities, with more and more springing up every year.

The lake is central to recreational life in Sylvan Lake. In the summer residents and visitors enjoy sandy beaches and water actives including swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, waterskiing, and jet skiing, while during the winter the lake area is a popular place for skating and cross-country skiing.

Surrounding the lake and the town of Sylvan Lake is the Provincial Parkland, and the community has paid special attention to ensure the landscape around them is protected. From rolling hills to vast prairie views, Sylvan Lake provides a varied outdoor environment unique to Central Alberta that can be enjoyed through an extensive system of natural park trails and lake waterways.

Sylvan Lake is a particular active community, and provides plenty of outdoor and indoor amenities servicing the health and wellness industry, including spas and gyms. The Sylvan Lake Aquatic Centre features a six lane 25 metre pool, and the Medican Multiplex provides year round skating facilities. The busy tourist season has created a diverse local cafes and restaurant scene, many of which are owned and operated by Sylvan Lake residents.

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Outdoor Parks & Facilities

Sylvan Lake features some amazing protected parks and outdoor marina and rec facilities.


Sylvan Lake has some of Central Alberta’s finest golf courses nearby enjoyed by both residents and visitors.


There are some great indoor recreational facilities providing family fun in Sylvan Lake.

Festivals & Events

Every year, residents and visitors enjoy several popular festivals and big events thrown by the town.